Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost to enter the Lake area?
A: Daily admission charge is $19 regular; $10 youth (4-11) senior (60+); 3 & under free.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, Mastercard, or Visa

Q: Is fishing permitted?
A: Fishing is not permitted on the Lake or from any shore area.

Q: Are pets permitted?
A: No pets, except service animals trained and providing assistance.

Q: May I bring my own shade device?
A: Single pole beach umbrellas and children’s shade shelters not exceeding 42 vertical inches are permitted on the upper beach and lawns. No other shelter devices are permitted such as tents, pop-up shelters, awnings, etc.

Q. Who is allowed to swim outside the shallow roped swimming area?

A: Un-assisted capable swimmers only. Non-swimmers and those needing assistance from persons, lifevest, tubes. noodles or any other flotation device MUST remain inside the shallow roped area.

Q: May I launch my own canoe or boat?

A: Mt. Gretna resident hardshell canoes with current (2019) permit may launch and recover from the designated docking area. No other privately owned craft are permitted for use on the Lake. Rental canoes are available for use after entrance thru the admission gate.

Q: Why is the Lake drained each spring?
A: The Lake is drained each spring to permit maintenance, inspection and repair of the in-lake structures after the winter ice season.

Q: May we bring our own food and coolers?
A: Yes, you may bring your own food and beverages (no alcohol).

Q: Is there a picnic area?
A: There is a shaded picnic area with picnic tables for use on a first come basis.

Q: Are there grills available?
A: Grills are not provided but you may bring your own grill for use.

Q: Can we reserve picnic tables?
A: Picnic tables are not reserved and are available on a first come basis.

Q: What is the cost for canoe and tube rentals?
A: Canoe/Kayak rentals are $8 per ½ hour; Giant Tube rentals are $8 / all day.

Q: Is camping permitted?
A: There is no camping, but there are several commercial campgrounds within 10 miles. The nearest is:

Q: Have you a snack bar?
A: Yes, there is a snack bar open with food and beverage for sale.

Q: Are pavilions available for rental?
A: Pavilions are not available to rent and are exclusively used with catered picnic packages. The picnic area with tables is available for all to use. These tables are in a shaded area convenient to all activities.

Q: Are there fireworks on July 4th?
A: Community provided fireworks are no longer performed in Mt. Gretna.

Q: Do you have lifeguards?
A: Certified lifeguards are on duty at all times.

Q: Can we bring our own inner tubes?
A: You may bring your own inner tubes and inflatables for use in the swimming area. No paddles are permitted.

Q: Can we bring balls and frisbees?
A: For the safety and comfort of all our patrons no activity involving throwing is permitted. No balls, frisbees, lawn darts, hacky sacks, beach balls, or badminton. Exception: volleyball on the two volleyball courts.

Q. Is smoking/vaping permitted?
A: Smoking/vaping is permitted in designated areas within the facility. It is not permitted on beach area or decks.